Zola Levitt Presents

Genre: Teaching

Host/Starring: Myles Weiss

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Zola Levitt Presents

Zola Levitt Presents

Zola Levitt Presents adheres to Romans 1:16 - "To the Jew first and also to the gentile." The evangelism of unbelievers and the exhortation of believers take precedence over all other activities of this ministry.

Myles and Katharine Weiss host the national television program Zola Levitt Presents, following the path pioneered by Zola Levitt, the most beloved and well-known Messianic Jewish Bible teacher and Middle East commentator of his day. Each week, Myles and Katharine bring viewers Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy, and the Jewish roots of Christianity.

Myles Weiss attended Hebrew school until his Bar Mitzvah in his native New York City. His dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ministerial Arts and Biblical Counseling he received from Christian Life International Bible College in Novato, California, and his Master of Arts from Azusa Pacific University near Los Angeles. He is ordained with the Evangelical Church Alliance.

Katharine, reared as a Roman Catholic in her native California, was born again during her college years. A gentile, she pointed Myles to his Messiah in 1984.

Together they lead Beth Shalom, a Messianic congregation. They carry the Gospel of Jesus wherever they are led, including to Israel and into churches, where they help connect Jews to their Jewish Messiah and Christians to the Jewishness of their faith.

Zola Levitt was also a widely published author and composer of spiritual songs until the time he was "gathered to his people" (Genesis 25:8) in 2006. Years of Zola's Bible teaching, and of interim host Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif, are archived on the ministry's website.

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